Nim is a twentysomething Human sorceress. She grew up in Neverwinter, where her proximity to the Shadowfell imbued her with powerful shadow magic. She worked as a smuggler to pay off her late parent's debt bondage before escaping the wretched city to live life free as an adventurer.

Proficiencies (+3 bonus).
Reading/Writing in Common. Thieves Tools. Deck of Cards. Athletics. Persuasion. Insight. Constitution and Charisma Saving Throws.
10 STR. 18 DEX. 12 CON. 10 INT. 09 WIS. 16 CHA. 14 AC. 30 Foot Movement Speed. 32 Max HP. 6 Sorcery Points. 13 Spell Slots (4 @ 1st, 3 @ 2nd, 3 @ 3rd). 3 Luck Points.
Casting a spell consume a spell slot corresponding to the level of the spell (unless the spell is 0th level). Spell slots are fully restored after a long rest. Nim knows the following spells:
  • 0th Level: Minor Illusion. Mage Hand. Mending. Mold Earth. Ray of Frost.
  • 1st Level: Mage Armour. Silent Image. Shield.
  • 2nd Level: Misty Step. Shadow Blade. Darkness.
  • 3rd Level: Fear. Haste.
Nim can cast Darkness by spending 2 sorcery points instead of a spell slot. Doing so allows her to see through the darkness.
Nim has a pool of sorcery points that are restored after each long rest. Additional sorcery points can be obtained by expending a spell slot (bonus action, 1 sorcery point per spell level).
Nim can spend sorcery points to enhance her spells in the following ways:
  • She can expend 1 sorcery point to cast a spell subtly.
  • By expending a number of sorcery points equal to the spell level (or 1 for cantrips), she can have a spell target an additional creature.
Hound of Ill Omen.
By spending 3 sorcery points in a bonus action, Nim summons a shadow pupper within 30 feet from her. This pupper has the same statblock as a dire wolf, except that it is a monstrosity, a medium-sized creature, and has 3 temporary hit points. The hound moves unerringly towards its target, and can pass through objects and creatures as if it were difficult terrain. It must move towards/attack its target.
Nim may re-roll a d20 for any attack roll, skill check, or save. This consumes 1 luck point. Luck points are replenished after a long rest.
Strength of the Grave.
When knocked unconscious, Nim can regain consciousness (and 1 HP) if she makes a charisma saving through with a DC equal to 5 plus the damage taken (provided that the damage wasn't radiant or a result of a critical hit).
Great Eyesight.
Unlike normal humans, she can see through dark conditions (120 feet).
360 GP. 8 TP. 2 Daggers. 1 Light crossbow (+ 20 Bolts). Explorer's pack. Dark clothing (+ hood). Wax skull. Thieves tools. Playing cards.