Esterel (She/Her) was raised by her mother, father, and paternal grandmother. They lived a humble life in a small cottage by the woods. The grandmother wandered into the woods one day, never to be found again. Esterel was henceforward forbidden from approaching the forest.

One day, however, she was called to the forest. She obeyed and soon found herself lost in the feywilds. She lived with her fey friends for several weeks. They taught her songs and how to survive by hunting and foraging. But upon arriving home, her mother and father were nowhere to be found. No signs of anything out-of-place, with the exception of a few fey trinkets curiously left about. Esterel raised herself since then, eking out a meager existence by living off the land and selling animal pelts.

Esterel never dared approach those woods again. Sometimes, when she dreams, she is visited by a pixie who comforts her, gives her advice, and sometimes asks that she return to her friends, her real family.

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5
Level 6
Level 7
Level 8

Level 1

Esterel is human. But she is quarter-elf, owing to her paternal grandmother. Her racial features come from the custom lineage option: +2 to wisdom, the Fey Touched feat, darkvision, common and elven langugage proficiencies.
Human-passing, but with slightly pointed ears. Slender build, but fairly athletic. Bronze skin with short pink hair and purple eyes. flowers adorne her hair, as does a pair of preserved butterfly wings. She typically wears a flowery sundress, even over her armor.
Cheerful and bubbly. Accepting of everyone, though perhaps somewhat mischevious. Often misses social cues.
Never abandon your loved ones.
Fairies are friends that should be protected, but also respected and feared.
I am scared that people I love will leave me.
Stat Block
Attribute Point Buy Total
STR 8 8
DEX 14 14
CON 15 15
INT 10 10
WIS 15 18
CHA 8 8
Esterel's base walking speed is 30 feet per round.
Solonor Thelandira (elven god of hunting, archery, and survival)
Chaotic Good
Armor up to medium, shields.
Simple and martial weapons.
Streangth and Dexterity.
Deception, Survival, Perception, Stealth, Insight.
Common. Elvish. Sylvan. Druidic. Primordial.
Can see un darkness as if it were dim light. Range of 60 feet.
Fey Touched
+1 Wisdom and the ability to cast misty step and bless once per long rest, each.
Fey Mark
Esterel's time in the feywilds changed her eye and hair colors. Flowers grow naturally from her hair.i
Feywild Visitor
Esterel is sometimes visited by a fey spirit in her dreams. This spirit takes the form of a pixie.
(Deft Explorer feature) Double the proficiency bonus in two skills (perception, insight) and proficiencies in two languages (druidic, primordial).
Favored Foe
Designate foe as favored after hitting with an attack roll, marking the creature for 1 minute with concentration. Marked creatures suffer additional 1d4 damage first time it is hit by Esterel. Esterel can do this a number of times equal to her proficency bonus per long rest.
Starting Equipment
Scale mail, quarter staff, short bow, clothing (sundress, sunhat adorned with butterfly wings, undergarments, sandals), backpack, mess kit, torches (x10), rations (x10), bedroll, waterskin, hempen rope (50 feet), sewing kit, tiny vial of holy water, 7 gold pieces.


Misty Step
Esterel can teleport to any unoccupied space within 30 feet she sees using a bonus action. Fey Touched Spell.
Bless up to three creatues within 30 feet as an action. Blessed creatures add a 1d4 to all attack rolls and saving throws for up to a minute (requires concentration). Requires a sprinkling of holy water. Fey Touched spell.

Level 2

Hit Points
+8 (= 20)
Druidic Warrior
Esterel learns Shillelagh and Thorn Whip.
Wisdom is modifier for spell attacks and saves. Esteral starts with 2 spells known at first level from the ranger spell list. Her spell slots are restored after a long rest. She may use a druidic focus.


Esterel's quarter staff becomes imbued with fey magic Many flowers of all colors sprout from the staff. Its damage die becomes 1d8 and all damageis magical. Wisdom becomes the attack modifier. Requires a bonus action to cast and lasts for one minute. Druidic cantrip
Thorn Whip
A 30 foot colorful scarf lashes out towards a creature in range. If hit with a melee spell attack roll, the creature takes 1d6 piercing damage. If the creature is large or smaller, it is pulled feet closer (no save). Druidic cantrip.
Hunter's Mark
As a bonus action, mark an opponent. All weapon damage delt to this opponent by Esterel gets augmented by 1d6. Lasts for an hour with concentration. When an enemy hits zero, Esterel can choose to move the mark to a new oppponent as a bonus action. First level ranger spell.
As an action, ten berries sprout from Esterel's hair. A single berry Can satiate a grown man's appetite for a whole day. It also heals a hit point. After 24 hours, these berries fall and lose all potency. First level ranger spell.

Level 3

Hit Points
+8 (= 28)
Spell Slots
+1 first level ranger spell slot (= 3)
Esterel is surrounded by a swarm of pixies, which aid her in and out of combat.
Gather the Swarm
Once per turn, when Esteral hits with an attack (weapon or spell), her swarm may aid in one of the following three ways:
  • Deal 1d6 piercing damage.
  • Move the target 15 feet horizontally in any direction.
  • Move Esterel 5 feet horizontally in any direction.


Mage Hand
Esterel's pixies can be instructed to manipulate with objects or carry light items. Manipulating the swarm in this way requires an action. The duration of this spell is one minute (no concentration). Swarmkeeper cantrip.
Faerie Fire
Esterel's pixie swarm marks creature within a 20 foot cube within range (60 feet). The marked creature is outlined in a colorful light fur the duration of the spell (1 minute, concentration). Attack rolls on these creatures have advantage if they are visible. They do not benefit from being visible. First level swarmkeeper spell.
Zephyr Strike
For one minute with concentration, her movement does not provoke attacks of opportunity. Moreover, once during the duration, she may add 1d8 of force damage to one of her attacks. Regardless if it hits, her movement speed increases by 30 feet for that turn. Esterel casts this spell as a bonus action.
Speak With Animals
Can talk to animals for 10 minutes. First level. From primal awareness feature.

Level 4

Hit Points
+8 (= 36)
Polearm Master
Esterel has extensive experience with her quarterstaff, giving her the following benefits:
  • When she uses her action to attack with the quarterstaff, she may user her bonus action to attack using the opposite side. The damage die for this attack is a 1d4 and uses the triggering attack's ability modifier.
  • When she is wielding a quarterstaff and a creature enters her reach, she may use her reaction to take an attack of opportunity.

Level 5

Hit Points
+8 ( = 44)
Extra Attack
When using an Attack action, Esterel may make one additional attack.
Spell Slots
1 additional spell slot at first level and two spell slots at third level (= 4/2)
  • Proficiency bonus increases to +3
  • Spells

    Beast Sense
    Esterel can touch a willing beast. For the next hour or so, with concentration, she can see and hear through that beast. Second level. From primal awareness feature.
    Esterel creates a 20-foot square of webbing. Any creature starting its turn on the web must make a dexterity saving throw or else its restrained. Must make a similar save if it enters that turn. A restrained creature may use their action to make a strength save to free themselves. Lasts one hour (no concentration!). Second level. From swarmkeeper subclass.
    Spike Growth
    As an action, Esterel can create a 20 foot square of roses and other thorny plants, making it difficult terrain. A creature moving through this area takes 2d4 piercing damage for each 5 feet of movement. These growth are camoflauged and requires a wisdom check (DC = spell save DC) for a creature to recognize the terrain as hazardous. Lasts up to 10 minutes with concentration. Second-level ranger spell.

    Level 6

    Hit Points
    +8 (= 52)
    (Deft Explorer feature) +5 base walking speed. Climbing and swimming speeds are equal to the base walking speed.
  • Favored foe damage die augmented to 1d6
  • Level 7

    Hit Points
    +8 HP (= 60)
    Absorb Energy
    As a reaction to getting hit with an energy attack, Esterel can absorb some of that energy by gaining resistance to that damage type (cold, fire, lighting, or thunder) until the start of her next turn. She can then redirect that energy on her next hit by adding a 1d6 of damage of the corresponding type.
    Writhing Tide
    Esterel can fly! With the help of her pixies, she can fly for 1 minute with a movement speed of 60 feet per round.

    Level 8

    Hit Points
    +9 HP (= 76)
    Land's Stride
    Moving in nonmagical difficult terrain cost no additional movement. And no additional damage is taken fom non magical plants. Esterel has advantage on saving throws against plants that are magically created or manipulated to impede movement.
    Esterel gains the following benefits:
    • +1 constitution (= 16)
    • Once per turn, when Esterel deals bludgeoning damage, she can move the target creature 5 feet
    • When Esterel scores a critical hit that deals bludgeoning damage, attack rolls made against that creature have advantage until the start of her next turn.