Barney (Deceased)

Barney was a dragonborn paladin (8th level). And a were-puma. Barneywass an adventurer, looking to help those in need. He fought against evil and injustice, but believed that every sentinent creature is redeemable. Barney was a devout worshiper of Bahamut, the god of good dragons. Previously, he made a living as a soldier at the Waterdeep garrison. He is now no longer of the living.

Proficiencies (+3 bonus)
Literate in Common and Draconic. Set of dice. Athletics. Intimidation. Persuasion. Religion. Wisdom / Charisma / Streangth saving throws.
20 STR. 10 DEX. 14 CON. 10 INT. 10 WIS. 14 CHA. 20 AC. 30 Ft Movement. 68 Max HP. 7 Spell Slots (4 @ 1st, 3 @ 2nd). 3 Divine Sense Attempts. 40 LOH Points.
Barney can cast spells. But why would he? Like all paladins, Barney would rather divine smite evildoers. Some exceptions:
  • Find Steed: Summon a celestial camel. 2nd level spell. 10 minute casting time.
  • Lesser Restoration. Cure blinded, deafened, paralyzed, or poisoned condition. 2nd level spell.
  • Zone of Truth: Create a 15-foot-radius area were any contained creature cannot say a deliberate lie. 2nd level spell. 10 minute casting time.
  • Branding Smite: Adds 2d6 of radiant damage with all weapon attacks. 2nd level spell. Requires bonus action. Requires concentration.
Divine Smite
On a hit, Barney can spend a 1st level spell slot to deal an additional 2d8 of radiant damage.
Barney has a mithral broadsword and is trained in the duelist fighting style. Combined with his strength, he has a +7 to hit and deals 2d6+6 bludgeoning damage on each hit. He gets to make two attacks per action.
Draconic Breath
Once per day, Barney can draw from his draconic ancestry and perform a breath attack. The form is a 15 foot cone of fire damage, dealing 2d6 of fire damage on a failed DEX save (DC 12) or half as much on a successful save.
Lay on Hands
Barney can draw from a pool of points to heal himself and his comrades. Doing so depletes this pool by the number of regenerated hitpoints. He can also spend these points to purify food and drink and to cure aliments and poisons.
Divine Sense
Three times per day, Barney can detected the presence of celestials, undead, and fey.
Aura of Protection
While conscious, Barney and any ally within 10 feet gains Barney's charisma modifier (+2) to all saving throws
Aura of Hate
I gain a +2 (=CHA) damage bonus to my melee weapons. This also applies to any fiends and undead within 10 feet of me.
Chainmail armor. Shield. Priest pack. Gaming set. Javelins (1x). Warhammer. Mithral broadsword of alert. Holy symbol of Bahamut. 400 GP. Magical heavy armor that takes 1 action to adorn/disrobe.